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Every time you install a new TPMS sensor on a vehicle with a NEW Id, The vehicle will ignore that sensor until the vehicle’s relearn procedure has been performed.

The program new sensor feature in the Q01/Q02 tool generates a NEW Id number for a QQr Sensor. Keep in mind that you must perform the vehicle relearn after installing a sensor with a new ID.

Not every vehicle requires an OBDII Relearn. Ford and GM use a positional relearn using the scan sensor function. Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram and European vehciles use a driving “Auto Relearn Process”. OBDII Relearns are mainly for Asian Import vehicles. The OBDII option will show up for supported vehicles in the vehicle menu.

Please carefully follow the step-by-step instructions displayed under Relearn Procedure on your QQr TPMS tool. 

Drive the vehicle consistently at the speed of between 25 km/h and 100 km/h (15 mph and 62 mph) throughout the Relearn process.

Wait at least 15 minutes before starting a second relearn.

Some vehicle manufacturers use both 315MHz and 433/434MHz sensors in the same model year. For example, Audi used either 315MHz or 433MHz frequency sensors on their 2005 and 2007 model year A6 vehicles. Select one frequency and attempt to activate. If the sensor fails to activate, choose the other frequency and attempt sensor activation.

Please contact the sales team and provide them with this car model’s part number, our technical team will add it in the QQr tool ASAP

The QQr TPMS Tool(Q01/Q02/Q03) is a full diagnostic / activation tool. The tool can be used to Activate/Diagnose OEM sensors and Aftermarket sensors that are not blank. It will only program Blank QQr Sensors. Other Pre-Programmed sensors will activate and readout with the QQr Tools.

The QQr Sensors are blank out of the box. Once they are programmed for a vehicle application, other TPMS Tools can perform the relearn, activate/diagnose, etc. To create a programmed QQr Sensor from a blank QQr Sensor you need the QQr Tools.

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