How We Manufacturing


At Dajin Tech we aim to offer world class manufacturing through wide compatible TPMS sensors, a new-generation TPMS Diagnosis Tool, and extensive product options for vehicles in different regions and countries. 

TPMS from Dajin Tech – for automobile manufacturers all over the world

Innovation, vision and performance are the building blocks of great companies. For more than 10 years, Dajin Tech, the global leader in the design and manufacturing of sensing technologies, has delivered innovative solutions that customers trust.

Assembly Line

Dajin has complete manufacture capability to craft TPMS product ecology.


Our professionals has top certificate in auto parts field and they design and created TPMS service tools, correct maintenance system,  Dajin Eye™ System, and more. 

Error proofing

Dajin provides several solutions for error-proofing TPMS Assemblies in our manufacturing processes. We offer Dajin Eye™ Vision systems and Dajin Sentry™ System to reduce defective rate.

Dajin Collection

Dajin is the leading global manufacturer of tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) for automotive, heavy vehicles and off-road vehicles.