Dajin Tech tpms sensor
Dajin Tech tpms sensor

tpms sensor


Features: 98% Car Protocols Coverage Only ONE 315MHZ and or 433MHz with less stocks All Wheels can be installed Repeatly programming ,without limitation Maxium driving speed is 250KM/h Low temperature from -40C to 125C     Technical Parameters:
Operating temperature-40 ° C~+125 ° C
Relative humidity45%~95%
Atmospheric pressure0Kpa~900Kpa
Installation positionautomobile wheel hub
Storage temperature range-40 ° C ~+125 ° C
Quiescent current0.3μA≤I≤1.0μA
Emission current1.0mA ≤I≤3.5mA
Operating voltage2.90V≤U≤3.50V
Emission power8dBm
Emission frequency314.95MHZ ±27Khz
Service life5 years
Frequency deviation±30kHz
Temperature error  -20~70 ° C : ±3 ° C,-40~-20℃,70~125℃ :±5℃
Pressure error0 ~50℃ :± 0.07bar, -40~0℃ , 50~85℃ :± 0.1bar

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