QQr NFC-enabled TPMS Sensor


We are excited to announce a forthcoming universal TPMS sensor that will boast Near-Field Communication(NFC) technology.

Why Choose Us

benefit 1

Compatiable with all NFC devices

benefit 2

Android and iOS support

benefit 3

Data can be transferred quickly and easily

benefit 4

1 SKU solution: 315MHz & 433MHz, 2 in 1

User Manual

All you need is a free app which can be download on Google Play or Apple Store.
Click Below demo video for your reference

1. Home Page

Press "TPMS" to enter the program interface;
Choose "History" can see the program record you operate each day

2. Vehicle Search

1. Two ways of installed vehicle and year search: Search by Vehicle & Search by Part Number;
2. Market can be switched in the upper right corner

3. Sensor Program

1. Setting the unit you want;
2. Two Methods of program: Manual Input ID & Auto Create ID, just choose the one you need;
3. Press "Program" button to start programming sensor; "Read Sensor" to read the sensor's status

4. User Name Register

This option is for customers who would like to write the feedback to us.
Usually programming does not require login.

Where to Download

NFC TPMS Sensor is a breakthrough development, no more tools required, DIY by your cellphone. We have released the app! This will enable you to configure and program the sensor with just a tap from your very own smart device. How convenience is that?

Download on Google Play

Google Play

Download on Apple Store

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