Technical Support and Update

Introducing Software Version 5.0

Updated on July 1, 2020


  • Multiple bugs fixing
  • Software stability enhancement
  • Improvement of burning speed


  • New car model supported!
  • Bugs fixed

What’s new in version 4.23.09?


  1. Re-designing Communication Protocols, everything is more stable and faster.

2. Optimizing programming procedure and reducing sensor programming time notably.

3. Supporting more cars!


  1. Supporting multiple language including Dutch, Russian and French.
  2. Now we release a customized version of our firmware. You can find here.
  3. Fix bugs.
  1. Optimizing sensor programming procedure
  2. Bug fix

You can find the previous version here!

Frequently asked questions

Now we only support Windows OS to upgrade your Q01 Devices. And we are working on support the upgrade program on other OS.

Here is the Upgrade Guide and Full Version User Manual for the Q01 Upgrade Guidelines.

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